Atelier Bordelle
Photographer: Lucky Red
PH: Guido Vincenzini, IG: @luckyredphoto

MODELS: Nancy Anastasia IG: @nancy_anastasiia,

Takha Filatova IG @ultra_takha_filatova

There's nothing more beautiful than a sensuous woman.

Except for two sensuous women in lace and top hats staring back at you like a Vargas girl. Welcome to Atelier Bordelle with Nancy Anastasia and Takha Filatova.

Its a lavish affair surrounded by pearl necklaces, corsets, sensual touches and champagne. Two blonde beauties immerged in a world of deep, rich hues that's surpassed only by the color of their lipstick, the saturation of every red known to mankind.
It's all about contrast, the unusual harmony of sex and style like the tension of perfectly manicured hands thrust through wrought iron fences.