About Beauty and Art
By Anna Rise

Instagram: @annaraise
Have you ever wondered why we listen to this or that music? Why did your favorite song touch us to the bottom of our hearts before, and now we do not?

Why do we prefer Dutch painters at one time, and French artists in other? Today we admire the works of Munch, and tomorrow we marvel at the genius of Dali?

It's all about our unconscious: it gives a strong emotional response to art objects that attract our attention. Remember what kind of music you listen to when you're sad? Most likely – it's a calm lyrical melody. Your unconscious is looking for and finding answers in art objects, regardless of your desires.

The French writer Stendhal most fully described his feelings about art in the book "Naples and Florence: The Journey from Milan to Reggio": "When I was leaving the Basilica di Santa Croce (Florence), my heart began to beat, it seemed to me that the source of life was exhausted, I walked, afraid crash to the ground …

I saw masterpieces of art generated by the energy of passion, after which everything became meaningless, small, limited, so when the wind of passions ceases to inflate the sails that push the human soul forward, then it becomes deprived of passions, and hence of vices and virtues "

By the way, like Stendhal you can achieve euphoria from any object of beauty: the icy pattern on the window, a person you met for the first time or even the artfully served dish – to each his own. Pay attention to what objects cause you so strong feelings. Perhaps your unconscious sends the answers that you have been waiting for.