Nina Sever - Black Season
Text and self-portraits by Nina Sever
All the air filling up the space I'm invading trying to push away the chemicals others are inflicting on my right outfit for the right situation for the wrong people. Hands and words I won't stand any longer as they're grabbing the shelter, manipulating the reality destroying the bubble we created.
Those eyes flowing into creepy smiles veiled by circumstances they just want to fuck they just want to invade they just want to penetrate senseless dry holes. I am not part of that I am not here, my lungs are imploding my hands are sweating my brain is looking for a connection.
My love for you… When you take my hand and look into my eyes and wash away the dirt other people left in my heart, when my legs open for you without my mind noticing, when your fingers slide in when your dick follows and it feels right and it fills the emptiness I created by digging off dead cells because by removing the surface I can reach my pleasure I can cut off memories they just don't deserve anymore for me to have.
I love sex with you I love your dick your lips your skin the way you look at me when you think I'm not watching lost in pleasure your face when I want you to see what you do to me when I talk to you when I say I want more and I ask not to stop and you smile and you crave a kiss and you want my tongue to make its way into your mouth. I love to feel it pulsing getting harder getting faster I know you're about to cum. They can try to take my clothes off but they cannot take this away from me.

They will not have what you have.