Guido Vincenzini - Katya Clover
Story by Guido Vincenzini and Isa-Bad
PH: @nuart

MODEL: Katya Clover – IG: @katyonok

Production and Fixer: Anna Raise @annaraise

MUA: Irina Mosyagina @mosyasha

Dress: @sonumberone

Katya Clover is the incarnation of joy and freedom, is so rare in life to meet such wonderful human being, she is so damn perfect I am sure she looks pure even when she is nasty!

An Angel…

And she cooks amazingly!

One more thing before I cry of admiration:

I think no set rather than this could contrast more with her personality: a cage… a frozen moment for such an expansive and living personality.

Katya showed once more to be a wonderful artist with her delicate plastic poses and expressions.
Frozen moments caught in a frozen frame.

Frosted flowers shrouding old memories.

She stands in the distance, silent, enclosed in a plaster shell.

She is real, so real he could finally touch her, feel her again. Yet, she is so far away.

It's just a memory, a frozen moment, safely wrapped in a silver cage of chalk and frost.


Far is the heat of her body, far her gasp, far the touch of her skin, what lies is a waft of the remembrances essence.

Memories revealed in a fake sense of control.

Heat grabs his throat; strong feelings underway.

A flash of excitement.

Heartbeats slowly accelerating, premonition of an incessant obsession soon to come, a shiver and a sense of fear.

Fear of letting a free soul live, fear of an overwhelming uncontrollable emotion, fear of losing his mindful control over the moment.

Freedom and fear. Contrasted union. Freedom to trigger moments. Fear of releasing memories.

He keeps on watching. Silently.

She, all alone wrapped in her silver distance. She retains all the power he allows her to master.
She, prisoner and master at once. It's all in her eyes.

Her power and his short-lasting self-control.

He's shut, lost in the pictured frames of her back, memories of grasped shoulders, stills of her nude profile in the light. Seized elusive moments of a faraway passion.

Her body could still talk loud.
Distances are bound to be shortened. Memories are about to be released.

The frozen cage is about to brake.

If only he could dare.