Cynthia Tran - Eloise
This set was inspired by the candid beauty of nature, as with most of my work.
This was the model's first time and I don't want to chase after the perfect pose or expect glamour nor fashion, just simplicity at its finest.

No makeup, no set plan; I relied on the setting sun for inspiration and whatever light it dares offer.
I allow the shadows to take over and contour the subject however it pleases.

The tones set the mood.

It's almost dreamy to me, to picture life around us thriving, blooming, and rising everyday, growing more beautiful. Then, I place a human right in the scenery, in the flesh. They are exposed, but shining in glory when they find comfort in nature.
It's all made up of the same patterns.

We are all a part of it, so whatever reflection shines our way, we must appreciate as if it was our own, and love it more than ourselves.

Nature and nudity should go hand in hand.

All I want to do is cherish and gaze upon its beauty.