Dominic C - Diann
Once upon the time in Bali
Ph: Dominic C @dominiccphotography

Model: Diann @eponamyth

MUA: Reina Sohani

Assistant: Stefanie Indri
"As I was about to work with Diann, this very pretty Balinese model, I was thinking of recreating her life when she was young & naive, with a very Balinese background. And, as we shot the photos outside a remote hotel, surrounded by beautiful rice fields, I noticed an Emanuelle-like chair at its spa that inspired me and made the link between the Western & Asian worlds."
About Dominic C
Born in the North of France, Dominic C developed a consuming passion for photography at the early age of 17. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, he worked as a trainee in different studios located in the Lille region. Then, freshly graduated from one of the most reputed schools in Brussels, where he'd acquired a solid education, Dominic took the opportunity to quench his thirst for photographic adventures.

In his debut photo-reportage in 1992, Dominic C immortalized the ancestral rituals of Papua, impressing the famous international press agency Gamma, who published these images throughout the world. Leaving his brilliant career in Europe, Dominic pursued his passion for this fascinating Indonesian archipelago and worked on a number of projects that took him to some of South-East Asia's most remote islands.
In 2005, Dominic began work on a series of photographic projects that set out to capture the unique beauty and sensuality of the women of Southeast Asia. This work in progress shows how he virtually captures the instant when the models forget they are posing for a photographer and their true self appears. He is looking for the essence of their femininity. Dominic portrays this moment of truth, unique in each of his models, by a gesture, an expression, an emotion. Through these gestures, he captures the very instant when intense beauty reveals itself.
In 2010, Dominic became friend with Peter Godwin, musician and songwriter. They decided that the first music video of Peter's band, Nuevo, would be produced and directed by Dominic. Made in Java in 2010, the film reflects the sensuality and playfulness of the song, through Dominic's meditation on beauty and chocolate.

In 2012, Dominic met Jonathan Politur, a young Parisian TV producer. Attracted by the fineness and the sensuality of Dominic's photos, he accepted to co-produce a series of sensual programs.
In 2014, Dominic took an opportunity to set his very first Parisian exhibition, 'Elles & Îles'.
In 2016, Dominic was invited to exhibit his work at the famous International Photo Fair in Paris (Salon de la Photo).