Welcome to issue number zero of Nuart.
Issue #00
Nuart is a project about the many visions and expressions of sensuality and sexuality. We use nude to share emotions, personality, love, hate, conflicts and harmony. Nuart is a space where the artist can get naked and express itself.

It took far too many cigarettes, phone calls, emails, drafts, meetings, tickets, delusions and joy to prepare this concept, I hope that this number zero, intended as a starting point for a long journey, will be of your taste! As any experiment, your feedback is welcome and we will be more than happy to receive your advice, comments, critics or just hellos! Please feel free to use our contact page to leave us a note!

So… having said that let me introduce the models and artists that made this number possible:

Jay Kournikova will transport us in a sensual dance with nature.

Mary Kalisy's preponderant sensuality will heat those cold days of December with the set Heat in the City.

Katya Clover 's elegance and naturality will transport us in a fairy winter set.

I have to thank especially Nina Sever, a fortunate and very casual encounter in London gave birth to this collaboration. Nina is not only a great model and actress but also a great writer. She starts this number with a wonderful intimate story. You can check her website www.ninasever.com

The main theme for this issue number zero is the "moment". There is no other concept so powerful that in such a short lapse of time can change our vision, our feelings or even our lives.

So why start a Nude Art magazine with this subject?

Maybe because it's the main recurrent theme that will be represented in all future numbers. Moments are, for photographers, the damnation and the joy. We try and strive to capture moments, we follow and pursue the perfect synthesis of a moment. After all life is constructed moment after moment.

It's only up to us to determine which moments to keep and which other ones to let go. Even if remembering moments is important I choose to live for the moments that still have to come.