Guido Vincenzini - Jay Kournikova

Instagram: @nuart

Jay is a young model from Gorno Altaisk, Russia.

There is something strong yet so simple in the way Jay stands that it's just impossible not to notice her. Maybe it's because of her natural beauty, maybe because her eyes can spread a sincere yet mysterious personality. Maybe just because there is always something imperceptible and some kind of mystery about her.

Jay is light and unpredictable as air.

Beauty can be simple. However simplicity is hard to achieve in a picture.

In many ways a picture is an artefact, a synthethic representation of a moment, the plastic description of an emotion.

Jay´s art. A simple veil. The subtle essence of nature made this feeling as natural as possible.

I hope that you will enjoy this short, simple story.


Deep in Extremadura region, right in the heart of the Spanish countryside, we wander and hike between the rocky cliffs.

Here, surrounded by evergreen oaks and eternal granitic stones, beauty shows it's simple yet overwhelming splendour.

Here, the immobility of nature is the perfect scenario for the elements to play, the perfect theatre to contemplate and act with all the energy that world can emanate.
We stood and walked for one day in this scenery, discovering or simply waiting for the moments to happen. And then the light, the wind, and the colours showed up in all their splendour.

Nature revealed itself in all its colours, scents and shivers of immanent emotions.

Is the perfect light playing with the sinuous curves of Jays perfect body, the wind dancing and floating around her perfect pale skin.
Sometimes a moment is just a moment, it simply vanishes along with other many moments that are just passing away.

Sometimes a moment indwells instantly in our memories, a vivid picture of what we lived, an essence of an experience.

Still, moments last only moments.

There is no way to live them again apart from remembering.

From dusk till dawn we can live any kind of emotion.

When the sun sets there is nothing left for us other than a sparkle in our heart. Another day will come, along with other nights. It is impossible to live a moment again, many more are still to come to whom lives fully.