Riona Neve - Spring is coming

Editorial for Costurero Real
Costurero Real, IG: @costureroreal

PH: Guido Vincenzini, IG: @luckyredphoto

MODEL: Riona Neve, IG: @riona.neve

MUA: Isabel Caract, IG: @bo_project_makeup

ART: Anneke Necro, IG: @x.annekenecro.x
'El Costurero Real' is a fashion brand based in Barcelona, Spain.

Inspired in nature and fairytales our designs combine beauty and handmade, in an unique and original way.
On 2008 Alassie, the main designer, opened a blog about costumes for Theatre, Opera or Cinema called 'El Costurero Real' (The Royal Taylor).

That was the start for this beautiful adventure of creativity and fashion.

Today, we are a team of 5 who sew, design and ship everything with care and love.

We are speciallist in fantasy costumes, and fairytale inspired fashion, creating our own fabrics with custom designs. We also make custom designs for bridal dresses or artist.
Riona Neve
I have been working as a full time model for almost 10years now. I'm easy to work with and a very fluent poser but also easily take directions to get to the result you have in mind.

I love it when you involve me in the realization of your ideas so we can work on them together to create the images you want. Professional attitude and good reputation.

Recently I got into acting and dancing and I love it!
I love the freedom of creativity that an empty studio can represent. Starting from scratch I can paint the white walls and build up a scenario and slowly the set becomes a painting. Then the model arrives and the painting takes life.

Working with Riona has been such an easy and natural experience, she really captures and understands the concept and gets into the part. For this set we wanted to create the feeling of a magical spring scene.