Nina Sever - Shiver
Story and pictures by Nina Sever

Instagram: @ninasever

Md: Koboldkats IG: @koboldkatz
I put my finger on your smooth skin and I follow your dreams, within your veins, within your bones, along with your quick glance at the inlet that follows my thoughts from my mouth to my stomach that shivers that jams that implodes in your presence.
This sweet feeling I'm trying to wash off and I won't accept I don't understand I didn't expect. I don't want this and I know I won't survive without it. The ghost in your eyes shifted, it's flowing slowly from your hands and I can see it getting between my legs before you even remember how I taste like.
Your touch became softer, quicker, and you do taste sweeter; you take your time, you expand the space that we don't even need, because there is always too much void between our bodies when we hug.

I will let myself go in you.