An ode to small pleasures
Directed and written by LNI

Instagram: @eleni.lni
This short film – or as I called it a video-portrait – is seeking erotic charge in overlooked things.
A lot of what excites us the most isn't sex itself, but simple, unboastful pleasures that are all around us. Our erotic senses are often unnoticeably triggered by those small pleasures of life.

There's no need to realize our biggest erotic fantasies or to find our soulmate so as to feel fulfilled. Daily small pleasures can bring us consolation and joy requiring a rather small effort of introspection. Even the modest of delights – such as amusing oneself with fresh water running down the body or enjoying a breeze in the hair – are charged with carnal desires.
I've come to believe that our dissociation from those pleasures is the aftermath of our poor porn culture.

Though our sexuality should be associated with human values such as affection, empathy, kindness or intelligence, it is so often affiliated to unfeelingness, doltishness, and exploitation. In my work, I try to bridge the gap between sex and introspection and embrace the idea of erotica and intelligence being folded into one another.