Guido Vincenzini - Zoi
Location: Sicily

Ph: Guido Vincenzini @luckyredphoto

Model: ZOI @Zoi_model
My name is Zoi. After many years as a fashion and lingerie model, last year I made the decision to also model artistic and nude modelling. As a fashion model I always felt that someone else was pulling the strings and wanted to develop my own creativity. I have not looked back and found success came to me easily in this field and relished the freedom of expression that nude modelling offered. For me it was the purest and most liberating form of modelling that I had ever experienced.

I am Scottish-Greek

Zoi , Ζωή( z-o-EE) means life in the Greek language.

About Zoi
"The nakedness of woman is the work of God"
William Blake
We walk, in the countryside of between Noto and Modica, surrounded by centenary olive trees and carrubs.

Few places as Sicily have such a rich and contrasted history. This island has been the heart of the greek culture, the epicenter of the mediterranean, an island where Myth and history have a shared common ground. A land of cultural interchange, of conquest and conquer an history of blood, passion, genius and art.

Sicily is indeed a land of contrast; a land of beauty and at the same time an harsh environment to live. Still, to whom who is ready to reach harmony, who is able to discover its secrets and to understand its nature, Sicily can still give the right habitat to flourish and to prosper.

The trees of Sicily represent at its full the stubborn and hostinate mentality of this region, their roots dig into the limestone rocks, patiently penetrating the ground reaching a perpetual state of beauty.
No model as Zoi could represent the mediterranean at his full.

She is the living expression of our multicultural richness, our colors, our spirit.

The mediterranean spirit, our mixed contrasted inheritance, live in her naturally and in harmony.
"Sicily has suffered 13 foreign dominations from which she has taken both the best and the worst. The sequence of different cultures has made Sicily a fascinating place, quite unlike any other."

Andrea Camilleri