My name is Zoi. After many years as a fashion and lingerie model, last year I made the decision to also model artistic and nude modelling. As a fashion model I always felt that someone else was pulling the strings and wanted to develop my own creativity. I have not looked back and found success came to me easily in this field and relished the freedom of expression that nude modelling offered. For me it was the purest and most liberating form of modelling that I had ever experienced.

"William Blake said: "The nakedness of woman is the work of God." I cherish my body and I enjoy demonstrating the subtle sophistication of the human form, enhanced perhaps by leather, silk or satin, but always with flair and finesse.

I have modelled for some of Europe's most accomplished photographers, in some of the most admired nude magazines, but with a background in fashion and lingerie modelling I also infuse my work with clever styling and imaginative elegance"